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Rodent Control

Mark undertaking rodent control

Rodents include rats, mice and squirrels.

One of the biggest pest problems that we deal with in the Eastbourne area are rats and mice which if left alone can do significant damage to property and can lead to health issues. The natural and constant gnawing habit of rats and mice means that they can cause significant damage to your property. Rodents are also known carriers of disease which is why a serious approach needs to be taken.

It can be upsetting to discover rodents in your home or business and we can offer you a quick, friendly and discreet service to take control of the situation. Knowledge of the best techniques to control rodents within in our area is key for a successful and long term result and at Eastbourne Pest Control we understand the importance of a professional but prompt solution.

For rats and mice we undertake a controlled rodent baiting service carried out by trained and experienced technicians.

For squirrels we undertake a trapping service.

A risk assessment is always undertaken before work commences and if necessary we will make steps to minimise risks to third parties.

We use an innovative electronic reporting system whereby a detailed report is emailed to you immediately after the treatment. This ensures that a lasting record of the service exists and helps to support our company environmental policy to be as 'paper free' as possible. 

We are a member of the British Pest Control Association, the leading organisation in the pest control industry and the only association to carry out a full audit on their members.

All of our technicians are PROMPT registered and are fully trained, holding a nationally recognised qualification.

We do not undertake rabbit or fox control.



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